Jesper Kristiansen (JK) is born in Aalborg in 1972 and spends his whole childhood in the small North Jutland town of Nibe. After graduating from high school and spending time at a folk high school he attends Aalborg Kunstskole.

Following basic training and then six months of studying printmaking at the Art School in Aalborg, he applies for admission to "Det Fynske Kunstakademi" (Funen Art Academy, Odense, DK). He is admitted in 1996 at the graphic fine arts department by Prof. Sys Hindsbo.

The five years at Det Fynske Kunstakademi is spent at different departments. Initially, at the graphic arts school, headed by Prof. Sys Hindsbo and later by Prof. Anja Franke. Later on he transfers to the school of painters, headed by Prof. Erik A. Frandsen.

Then off to the department of conceptual art, headed by Prof. Jens Haaning - while his fifth and final year of study is spent at the school of painters, headed by Prof. Jesper Christiansen.


Since then he has worked with a wide range of artistic projects as well as held teaching positions at a folk high school and various Danish art schools. He currently holds a poisition as permanent teacher at Sønderjyllands Kunstskole.

JK currently lives and works in Augustenborg, DK.